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Equipment Servicing

Island Divers are proud to offer a full and comprehensive range of equipment servicing.

We can meet all of your servicing needs, from minor adjustments to a complete strip down and service. We have got it all covered!

We even offer a FREE equipment check if you are not sure about what to look for! It’s a completely free, no-obligation visual inspection of your kits condition and service dates to make sure you fully understand what your equipment servicing requirements are! We can even make recommendations or discuss how to get the most out of your dive equipment for longevity.

We only use specific manufacturer service kits on your equipment, which means your equipment is in the best hands and will be serviced to the original manufacturers specifications!

Here is a list of servicing available at Island Divers;

  • Full or partial Regulator Servicing
  • Hydrostatic Cylinder Servicing
  • Visual Cylinder Inspection Servicing
  • Oxygen Cleaning for Cylinders and Regulators
  • Cylinder Shot Blasting
  • Drysuit Repairs
  • Wetsuit Repairs
  • Dive Computer Servicing and Pressure Testing
  • Buoyancy Control Device Servicing

Our Equipment Servicing prices are both competitive and specific to your equipment. Unlike other non-professional services, your equipment is guaranteed and configured, as it would have been when you first purchased it and using only original and specific service kits.

Peace of mind is guaranteed with Island Divers and we even offer a free trial session in the pool to ensure you are completely happy and confident before you go for a dive.

For Your Information:


Should be serviced every 12 months – even if they have been serviced and put into storage, you still need to get your life support equipment service up to date!


Should be serviced every 12 months – ware and tear take their toll on our dive kit but you will dive safe in the knowing that your BCD works as well on the inside as it looks on the outside!


Must be serviced ever 2.5 and 5 years – Visual tests are every 2.5 years and Hydrostatic tests are every 5 years. If your cylinder test period expires, regardless or which test it would need, it will have to be Hydrostatically tested. So keep an eye on those service stamps and to save you money, don’t let it expire! Oxygen Clean Services last 15 months from the date shown.

Dive Computers

Should be serviced every 12 months – We all hope that we never miss a dive because our battery has died or the o-rings fail and flood our lovely dive computers. That is why we recommend having your computer serviced annually to prevent any of those unfortunate situations from occuring. Specific manufacturer service kits and sequences are used alongside specialised testing equipment to guarantee the life of your computer.